The Missouri Drone Journalism Program

The other day, on, I wondered:

How long before news stations switch from helicopters to those little quadracopter drone things.

My thought was that quadrocopters seemed more able to get into areas discretely, cheaper to operate, and well easier to deploy quickly. They seem to make a ton of sense in journalism — though I certainly don’t like the idea of this from a privacy standpoint.

Well it turns out (tip of the hat to Gil) there is a Missouri Drone Journalism Program here’s how the program describes itself:

Drones tend to have a negative connotation in today’s media. The public mostly hears the word drone when associated with war and destruction. However, drone technology can be used in many other aspects, including field reporting. Part of this project’s goal is to discover how best to utilize this technology in the field of journalism.

I may not like the idea, but WHERE WAS THIS CLASS WHEN I WAS IN SCHOOL?

Originally posted for members on: May 13, 2013
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