‘Reflections on Google Glass’

I have, thus far, managed to avoid reading any review about Google Glass — mostly because I think the product is fucking horrible on many levels. But, for what ever reason, this article by Jan Chipchase was in my queue. In the article Chipcase poses this interesting thought (then he digressed and I stopped reading), but he says (in the beginning):

As a product that is both on-your-face and in-your-face, Glass is set to become a lightning rod for a wider discussion around what constitutes acceptable behavior in public and private spaces. The Glass debate has already started, but these are early days; each new iteration of hardware and functionality will trigger fresh convulsions. In the short term, Glass will trigger anger, name-calling, ridicule and the occasional bucket of thrown water (whether it’s ice water, I don’t know). In the medium term, as societal interaction with the product broadens, signs will appear in public spaces guiding mis/use1 and lawsuits will fly, while over the longer term, legislation will create boundaries that reflect some form of im/balance between individual, corporate and societal wants, needs and concerns.

Debate? We need to debate this? Give me a fucking break, there is no debate. Here’s how you know when Glass is inappropriate: anywhere you would not feel comfortable whipping out an SLR to take a photo without permission, is a place where Glass is inappropriate.

Yeah, I see you, guy in the corner trying to take a sneaky picture of the hot girl at the bar with your iPhone — put that shit away. Oh you are so clever pretending to take a picture of your friend, but really taking a picture of that hick wearing the ironic t-shirt. In both situations you don’t want to get caught, because you know what you are doing is socially not acceptable — maybe illegal.

With Glass, Google gives stealth photo ability to any idiot with $1,500 to burn.

The only debate to be had is if we wait for the product to flop, or make it illegal right now. My vote: pass a law that would force Google to have a red LED on the damned things when the camera is active — I mean you already look like a douche wearing them. 1

  1. If you like Google Glass, please stop reading my site.
Originally posted for members on: May 13, 2013
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