‘Going Native’

James Martin slamming the always changing world of web apps:

Why are web apps worse than native apps? Because they encourage you, big-shot startup entrepreneur, to experiment on me instead of thinking through the job that I’ve hired your software to do.

For the most part I really cannot stand to use non-native applications. If there is a native app — and it is even reasonably decent, yeah I’m using it. Just about the only web app that I use everyday is Fever, and that hasn’t changed its look since it was launched (as far as I know).

Martin’s article got me to thinking about iCloud and how Apple approaches changes to web apps: very slowly. Bugs are, and should be, fixed and pushed as fast as possible. But new features, design changes, these types of things are typically brought all in one fell swoop with Apple. There’s a good reason for that: Apple likes to let testers be the testers and users, well, use working software.

(Side note: I love Martin’s last sentence, so perfect.)

Originally posted for members on: May 16, 2013
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