I felt compelled to post this, lest I become known as one Apple’s payroll. Here’s the thing, is Apple supposed to stop its employees from making apps? Tell them what apps they can and can’t make? Could you imagine how pissed people would be if Apple employees had to follow different rules than the rest of us?

This guy is selling crappy joke applications and probably not making much money from it, oh and he happens to work at Apple. Where the hell is the story here?


Still, it comes off as hypocritical that a director of the App Store sells apps that some might call inappropriate, said Ben Kahle, developer of Me So Holy, a satiric religious app that Apple rejected in mid-2009 for containing “objectionable material.” Kahle said after he re-submitted the app to the store, an Apple employee called him and said Me So Holy would “never” be approved.

Ok fine I guess that is odd, but he was doing it before he got to Apple. I mean what are people supposed to go back through their lives and delete everything they did that goes against their new companies policy? This is crap journalism Wired, crap.

Posted by Ben Brooks