Jason Snell, on the oft-assumed uniformity in the priorities of all writers, editors, and programmers:

Sometimes I think people who work in fields where an open collaborative environment makes sense don’t understand that people in other fields (writers, editors, programmers) might not share the same priorities when it comes to workspaces.

I’ve read a lot of smart people (a lot of them friends), make broad statements about what “programmers need”. Programmers can be fucking prima-donnas, and I say that as one. Most programmers work as part of a team, and that requires high-bandwidth communication. It’s not rocket science.

Speaking as an editor, writer, and programmer I can tell you I prefer an open environment. I worked from home for nearly ten years, and I despised the isolation. I’m at my creative best when I’m connected with the world around me.

Apple demands a high degree of collaboration amongst its employees, across many disparate disciplines. There’s a good reason they require engineers to relocate to California. With Apple Park, their architecture finally reflects Apple culture.

Posted by Rob Rhyne