Benchmade Anonimus

I love this knife, but it is likely not for everyone — those who do like the looks, will find themselves with a great large fixed blade.

Man, I love a good fixed blade knife, but a great fixed blade knife — that’s something that always makes me happy. A while back, I decided I needed to revamp my entire fixed blade knife setup. I wanted to simplify it all, and seriously upgrade it.

I don’t use my fixed blades often, but when I do, I use them more as a large pocket knife, not something I am going to beat about to make a survival shelter with. But, I still want them to be able to do that — never can be too sure. My first upgrade was the Winkler SD2, an excellent knife. And I was set to buy another Winkler to round things out, when Benchmade released the Anonimus.

And it’s a really fun knife, and truly great.

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