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Something neat happened today, a person I don't know, but who I do know has read my site for a long time, reached out to ask me to look over a draft of a post they are working on. I don't think I've ever been contacted before to look at a draft from someone I don't know, but man does that feel good. 

It's certainly not something I can do for everyone, but I would like to offer feedback on stuff as much as possible. If you haven't noticed, there is a theme with some of the articles I have been posting of late. A theme meant to encourage people to share their writing with me, and to write more.

This is coming from a very honest place within me. I really loathe most of the tech writing out there — hell most of the writing in general — as it is very "I agree with X when they say Y" and then goes on to add a few more sentences in agreement. That's just ugh writing to me. Get me away from that shit.

I want people to be excited and passionate about what they post. I want them to know it doesn't fucking matter how many people read what they write — just that they are proud of what they write. I want them to know that even if you only post a handful of times a year, that's better than publishing nothing.

For the love of God, for my own selfish motivations, write something that isn't part of the circle jerk tech writing I see everyday. Will calling it a circle jerk piss some people off? No, because anyone who may be a part of that group will never realize that it is them I am talking about. "Ugh, Ben is so right…" That's what they will say and believe — honestly that's fine too. I don't care.

We have a long holiday coming up in the US, and if you are getting some time off work, I encourage you to setup a blog, or dust off your current one, and send me 1,000 words on anything. Email it back to me and I will read it. I will respond to each and every person who sends me something and I will help you with whatever I can. What I won't do, is make fun of you or your topic in anyway. 

Have a great week,

Ben Brooks


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