Camera Bag

The Ona Bowery is a thing of beauty. I love this bag, perfect size for mirrorless shooters. Buy it on Amazon.

Diaper Bag (for anybody)

Hands down the Tom Bihn Parental Unit. Review here. Still use it, still love it. Buy it here.

Small and Light Shoulder Bag

I love the Tom Bihn Daylight Briefcase for those small outings where you only need to carry a few things. Great bag, and as a bonus it can fold down to nothing.

All Around Shoulder Bag

Tom Bihn Founder’s Briefcase. This is a really great bag, I’be given mine away, but it’s what I used for most “professional” meetings I would attend. It’s on of the bags I really like the style of. My review is here. Buy it (no affiliate available).

Bag Guide

Last updated: September 18th, 2016 Aer Travel Pack The Good: Good looking One of the better organized bags I’ve tested Great value Lots of padding The Bad: Compression straps don’t work as well as I would like Lots of jingly zippers Shoe compartment really only works for smaller footed people Price: $220 Posts: here. Buy […]

Bag Cleansing

One of Michael Lopp’s travel tips: My travel tip is this: every three months, sit down on the floor of your office, take whatever bags accompany you around the planet, open them, and pour the contents on your floor. From there, you are making two piles: shit you need and shit you think you need. […]