Archive: Newsletter 1


Ben Brooks

The week in shit I didn't get around to writing about.

Lots of new stuff came out this week, naturally I couldn't be bothered to get to it all on my site.

The Coolest Thing

Affinity Photo
Oh man does this look sweet. Same feelings I had about Sketch when I finally switched it over Photoshop — now this would replace Lightroom, just waiting for X100T RAW support.

The Gear Links ($$$)

This is the iMac Stand I Would Buy
So pretty…

MacBook Wall Desk
This thing looks sweet, but not practical at all.

The Software Links

My new favorite iPhone photo editing app came out. I've been testing it for quite some time. Really like it as it has a far better workflow than VSCO Cam. I'll post more about this next week, but be sure to check it out. (free with IAP)

Degrees Menubar
I really dig this menubar app for showing the current conditions and temp. I don't know why, I just like it. I mean I could look outside, but that seems like more work.

Review Monitor
Ever wanted new App Reviews to dump into Slack? Well here you go. Comes with a clever option to only show you 4-5 star reviews in Slack…

Hocus Focus
This app hides apps that aren't in use automatically. Sounds really neat, but in practice is horrible. I couldn't stand it after just 10 minutes. And here I thought it would give OS X a more iOS like experience.

Give Group Messages a Name in iOS
Fair warning: those in the group can see the name you choose. This means that some of my group conversations have been changing names hourly.

The Self Promotion

Post: The Pocket Pens
I did my very best to talk a little bit about some pens.

Post: To a Bigger iPad
Listen, I really want a bigger iPad.

The Avoid Links

Morphing Touchscreen
This looks terrible.

Got My Coin Beta
And it wouldn't turn on…so, yeah.