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  • Weekly Member Posts (on Mondays): these are between 1,500 to 3,000 words long. They are insights into what I am looking at, thinking about, and trying to find the best item/setup for. They include things that non-members might not see for months, if ever. If I do test out a new variant of an item which doesn’t warrant a full review, or large changes, I post about it for members. I write about my processes, tools, and articles I find interesting. Half behind the scenes and half additional content, these are some of my favorite posts to write.
  • The Best Page: this page is currently continually updated. But starting at the end of 2020 it will be a yearly look at the best items I have found in various categories. Why they are the best and how to pick between the best ones in that category. This is the ultimate buyers guide, exclusively for members.

You’ll never find a product page which says: “this is the second best THING”.

Most review sites are biased to some in some way. These sites work hard to find and recommend something that is the ‘best for most people’ or for a niche type of person. They rarely condemn stuff as bad, that would be bad for future pre-release reviews. Other sites look at ratings and reviews on Amazon only, and then present you with a curated list of top rated Amazon items. Spoiler: Amazon often doesn’t sell the best things.

None of this is what I do.

I look to find the best thing I can find, per my own needs. I explain it, tell you why it is the best and why you might like it, and that’s that.

This site is member-supported — there are no advertisements, or product placement. The site makes money in only two ways: people pay to become members, or people buy things through affiliate links. Sometimes I get items which are sent so I can review them. That’s great for me, but I’ll clearly tell you when that is, and I don’t care about offending these companies. Members first, always.

That’s it.

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