My Quick Pitch

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A Longer Plea

All too often it’s hard to tell what company a blog is shill for. Who is really paying these bloggers? When a writer suddenly starts liking something that they previously seemed to dislike — you rightly stop and wonder why. Did Super-Tech-Apps pay them money to write about this?

More common: is a writer only covering a product because the company gave it to them for free? Be it a bag, laptop, or app — if you don’t know how the writer obtained the product, then you don’t know if the writing can be trusted.

That’s a problem for the web and for giving honest, direct advice to readers.

This site attempts to solve this problem. If I feel my judgment could be compromised about something I will tell you up front. I don’t take promo codes from developers unless that’s the only way to get the app (common for pre-release), but even then I always buy the app as soon as it’s available (I keep a separate account for this very purpose). If a company gives me “review items” then I tell you — even then I promise honesty in my reviews at the risk of the company never sending me another item to review.

I own stocks in Oracle, Microsoft, Abercrombie & Fitch, and UPS. I have a massive bias towards UPS, a lot of respect for the CEO of Oracle, but haven’t touched those stocks since they were purchased for me back in the 90s.

That’s what this site is about. It’s about honest communication between me and the readers.

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