‘Tom Bihn Co-Pilot Bag Review’

Matt Henderson, talking about why he is switching away from the universally loved Ristretto: First, its vertical orientation. When all my gear is packed in the bag, it’s quite tight in depth (from front to back). However, since it’s tall, there’s still a lot of unused (and unusable) volume in the top of the bag. […]

LinkedIn Scumbags

A nice report from Bloomberg’s Linda Sandler on LinkedIn’s incredibly shady practices. The report stems from a lawsuit filed against LinkedIn alleging (very generally) two things: That LinkedIn sent emails asking people to connect with users without user permission. More seriously, that LinkedIn hacked (in someway) into external email addresses of their users and scraped […]

The Best Diaper Bag

Back when my wife was registering for all of our “baby stuff” for showers she asked me which diaper bag we should get. I am pretty sure I said pick “whatever” because I was confident Target wouldn’t have what I wanted, and knew my wife wouldn’t put up with me spending months trying to find […]

iFixit Thirsty Bag

Georgia for iMore: Inside the iFixit Thirsty Bag you’ll find two “molecular sieve packets”. Each of these contains powerful liquid absorption material that, according to iFixit, can reduce the atmospheric humidity to 1% RH and suck up pretty much all liquid inside your device over night. Sounds like a fantastic piece of emergency kit to […]

A New Bag of Mine

Early one morning I was going through OmniFocus to see what I needed to change into a project and what I needed to delete from my life. I was brain dumping a bunch of stuff for my upcoming adventure to SXSi and I realized that the kit I wanted to carry around with me, while […]

A list of Messenger / laptop bags

Brian Hoff is compiling a list of some great messenger / laptop bag companies over on The Design Cubicle (my personal favorite are the Booqbags, I have had 4 and only replaced them due to differing needs never because of a problem with the bag). Be sure to check this out before you buy your […]

Triple Aught Design Axiom X25

This is definitely one of the oddest backpacks I have seen hit the market recently. At first I thought it looked great, but then the more I see of it, the less I like it. Going from 25 liters to 40 liters, by expanding the depth of the bag? I mean, I hate falling over […]