Month: April 2010



  • My Close Encounters With Steve Jobs

    Cult of Mac is running an excellent series of posts about Steve Jobs told from the perspective of David Bunnell who founded Macworld magazine. The look inside of how Jobs operated back then is incredibly relevant to anybody who is interested in learning more about why Apple is the way it is today.

  • Your Phone Is Locked, Just Drive

    David Pogue for The New York Times: The statistics on distracted driving are pretty scary. Just making cellphone calls increases your chances of crashing by four times; sending text messages increases the risk 23 times. We know this, we get this, but we keep doing it. About half of all teenagers admit to texting while […]

  • Nerd Skill Number One

    Dan’s Data: If a developer doesn’t spend quite a lot of time on getting a graphical interface right, this is the sort of hideous disaster that’s likely to result. To avoid it, developers often find they need to make at least some effort to fight the good fight via usability testing; even if you spend […]

  • HP’s Very Smart Acquisition

    Hey thanks HP for acquiring Palm — I almost forgot you were still around. Ok that was a very snarky statement, but it really is true. The last we heard about HP was when Steve Ballmer announced the now vaporware “slate” at CES. Then we started hearing about Palm being for sale, and well nobody […]