Written and produced by Ben Brooks in The Woodlands, TX.

About the Site

The Brooks Review is about what draws my interest. My obsession with finding the impossible thing which is perfect, which is the best. Not for you, not for most people, the best thing I can find for me.

This site is not focused on one singular topic, however each topic is approached the same way. With the perspective: what’s out there, what’s popular, why’s that popular, why do I care about this, why should anyone care about this, ok fine let’s figure out what is the best. There’s little care given to rationality once the door to this gateway is opened. So while you may think it’s absurd to pay a certain price, or it’s absurd not to pay a higher price, I look only within the bounds of what I am comfortable paying.

I care rather deeply about a great many topics which will never appear here. They won’t appear because I don’t feel I have any standing to talk about them. I can talk about certain things all day long, but unlike many other sites, I refuse to pretend and play expert in order to stay on whatever the current popular topics might be. If I am speaking about it, believe I have enough knowledge to speak about it — to add to the conversation in a way which isn’t just about voice saying “I agree” as loudly as he can.

Only read this website and pay attention to what I say, if you really hate the notion that everything can be understood by filling out a form. I’m unsure how many reviews I’ve done for bags on this site, but I am sure that each one was done in a silo — done without a template for how to do it, or what to cover.

Ultimately, this site is written by me and for me.



Ben owns stock in UPS, Microsoft, Abercrombie & Fitch, EOG Resources, and Oracle. He has holdings in many of the “crypto” coins.

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