Month: March 2014



  • Ranking Jerry’s Girlfriends

    This is great.

  • Archiving Your Photos

    Good overview of the problems from CJ Chilvers. I am taking a new approach (which I am just starting) using BitTorrent Sync and my hosted Mac mini. More on that later.

  • Trusting iCloud

    Ben Bajarin: Without question, iCloud still has a long way to go. However, I still believe it is one of the more encompassing multi-device synchronization engines I have used in some time. If the app supports iCloud, it’s all I use.

  • Focusing on the Words

    1910 Design & Communication on their blog: We believe that email is about two things. Reading and writing. And that focusing on these two is what would truly move email to where it deserves to be. What we propose here is not a redesign of any particular email application. Neither is it a suggestion as…

  • ‘The Face Behind Bitcoin’

    Leah McGrath Goodman reporting a conversation with Satoshi Nakamoto’s brother: “My brother is an asshole. What you don’t know about him is that he’s worked on classified stuff. His life was a complete blank for a while. You’re not going to be able to get to him. He’ll deny everything. He’ll never admit to starting…

  • ‘Early Treatment Is Found to Clear H.I.V. in a 2nd Baby’

    Donald G. Mcneil Jr.: When scientists made the stunning announcement last year that a baby born with H.I.V. had apparently been cured through aggressive drug treatment just 30 hours after birth, there was immediate skepticism that the child had been infected in the first place. But on Wednesday, the existence of a second such baby…

  • ‘Ukraine: Why didn’t the U.S. know sooner?’

    Sorry, I thought this was the kind of thing the NSA data collection racket was designed to “know”?

  • ‘Soon, Our Robot Coffee Baristas Will Only Brew Certain Brands’

    Robinson Meyer: Later this year, the company will release its “Keurig 2.0” product. It will use a whole new type of K-Cup that affords customers “game-changing functionality” and “excellent quality beverages.” To achieve all this quality and game-changery, the company will also stop supporting “unlicensed pods.” Won’t be long now before AeroPress models will refuse…

  • ‘Facebook looks to buy drone company for “atmospheric satellites”’

    Fascinating report about Facebook buying a drone company. It’d be easy to make a joke that this takes Facebook privacy violations to the next level, but from the sound of it this a slightly more charitable deed. Either way, you have to think that there is a larger risk here of world governments deciding that…

  • ‘LA Banned Smoking E-Cigarettes in Public Places’

    I don’t give a shit about this law, but Mike Pearl’s opening salvo is why I will keep reading his articles: Last month, in a piece about third-hand smoke being potentially deadly, I said banning e-cigarettes “would be a fucking stupid thing to do.” Well the Los Angeles City Council is officially fucking stupid.

  • Quote of the Day: Don Craig

    “However, with the recent release of the Playboy® + Hello Kitty® Leica C camera, I feel that there is nothing I can write about the company which shows less respect than what they are doing themselves. “ — Don Craig

  • ‘Surveillance by Algorithm’

    Bruce Schneier explaining why collecting data that you don’t look at is still dangerous: Computer algorithms are intimately tied to people. And when we think of computer algorithms surveilling us or analyzing our personal data, we need to think about the people behind those algorithms. Whether or not anyone actually looks at our data, the…

  • ‘CarPlay’

    Looks fantastic, but that manufacturers can implement it differently may be it's undoing.

  • ‘More Thoughts on the Surface Pro 2’

    Bardi Golriz: Let me be clear. If you’re looking for one device that is both a great tablet and great laptop, the Surface Pro 2 is not that device. But I’ve used the Surface Pro 2 plenty as both a tablet and laptop to know that an utopian hybrid is inevitable. It won’t necessarily be built by Microsoft, but…

  • The Grandiose Blanc on Tablet Work

    Shawn Blanc: Because, and maybe I’m being grandiose, but I think those who are doing “real work” from their iPhone and iPad, are, in a small way, helping steer the direction of the personal computer. Interesting thoughts from Shawn on this debate. I linked to just one quote from Mathis’ post (which is what Shawn…

  • ‘The Best Utility Knife’

    Doug Mahoney had the unenviable job for The Sweethome to pick “The Best Utility Knife.” I have a huge issue with his pick: it’s a folding utility knife. Yuck. To be fair, he does state: To get the full range of use out of the knife and as much safety and portability as possible, we…

  • ‘FP’s Situation Report: Obama’s big test in Crimea’

    Today's Situation Report from Foreign Policy (daily read for me) has a good run down/synopsis of the mess in Ukraine and how the U.S. could respond. None of it is “good”.

  • Quote of the Day: Lukas Mathis

    “If it was normal for people to use their iPads for creative tasks, there would not be newspaper articles about people using their iPads for creative tasks.” –Lukas Mathis

  • ‘Apple Explains Exactly How Secure iMessage Really Is’

    Greg Kumparak: Basically: Unless Apple is omitting something or there’s some backdoor tucked into their many-layers-deep encryption (which, while unlikely, isn’t inconceivable) they really can’t read your iMessages without a fairly insane amount of effort. Sure, they could theoretically brute force their way past your private key. Or they could scrap the entire system and…