The Story Behind the iPad Life Interviews

The Story Behind my iPad LIfe Interviews

I thought now that I have a couple of ‘iPad Life’ interviews up I would take a moment to explain the why – that is why I am I interested in how people are using their iPads and why I think it matters to you.

The iPad is a device that I believe offers the user a blank canvas – whether they make a Picasso or write like Shakespeare is up to them. Some though use it for more noble causes.

Fraser Speirs on the deployment of iPads to every student in his school:

So many people have asked me to explain the educational impact of the iPad. I simply can’t yet get to grips with everything that’s happening. Put simply, the iPad deployment has transformed our school. Not evenly and not everywhere yet, but it’s coming.

Powerful movements are afoot with the iPad, people seem to be using them for anything and everything. Some use the iPad to discover cavities, others use the iPad to discover ancient treasures and still, some use it just to discover their humanity, there is of course the guy you found a way to entertain his cat with it.

For me this is the most tantalizing aspect of the iPad, unlike most other devices it was not put in our hands with a purpose already defined, it was given to us with no preconceived notions at all. iPods are purchased to listen to music, iPhones are purchased (mostly) to communicate, Drums are purchased to make sounds, but all we were ever told about the iPad is that it was for our life. Therein lies the problem and the great opportunity of the iPad – you can make it do what you want.

Thus the ‘iPad Life’ interviews – a way to see how people are making it do what they want.