Office Backpack — What I Carry


Bag: Triple Aught Design Axiom 24. I love this bag, it’s really nice, and I use a ton of different organizers with it, but overall a super nice EDC bag.

– iPad Pro 12.9” w/ Magic Keyboard: this is my personal device.
– iPad Pro 12.9”: this is my work device.
– Hibwari Shemagh
– Ricoh GR IIIx
– Lochby Notebook A5
– Weltool M6 Mini
– Sharpie Pen
– Montblanc Rollerball
– Montblanc Refills
– Apple Pencil 2
– Wilderness Wipes
– Google Pixel 6: secondary work device.
– Aquaphor Lip Balm: highly recommended.
– Aquaphor Gel/Tube: good stuff.
– Larabar: not a huge fan of eating these, but solid flavor and they fill you up.
– Listerine strips.
– Outlier Grid Linen Towel Small
– Swiss Army Tinker
– Muyshondt Maus
– Gerber Stakeout
– Assorted Disposable Masks
– Emisar D4V2
– Dawson Machincraft Field Sharpener
– Chem Light
– Rooth Earplugs
– 10000mAh battery pack
– AirTag
– Short Cables: Lightning, Micro USB, USB-C
– Dyneema Cordage.
– Lock pick card.
– CR123a Battery
– Maus Backup Battery
– Field Notes
– Zippo w/ Butane Insert
– 3x Lens Cleaning clothes, because I never store them where I expect them to be.
– 2x Zip Ties.
– Kuiu Zip Dry Bag with First Aid and medicine.

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