SSD Performance in Macbook Pro (late 2008 Unibody)

I ordered up an SSD drive for my Macbook Pro and just finished installing and testing its performance. It is mind blowingly fast – incredible.

My Macbook Pro’s specs are as follows:

  • 2.8ghz Core 2 Duo
  • 6gb RAM
  • Late 2008 Model (expresscard model)
  • All test performed plugged in while using the faster graphics card
  • Hard Drive was a 300gb 7200rpm drive
  • SSD drive is a 240gb OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD

Now for the results:

Cold Start
Hard Drive 1:47.9 mins
SSD 59.4 secs
Hard Drive 1:44.7 mins
SSD 1:10.6 mins
Launch Photoshop CS5 Extended
Hard Drive 16.2 seconds
SSD 3 seconds
Lauch InDesign / Photoshop / Illustrator (CS5 Same time)
Hard Drive 1:54.4 mins
SSD 10.3 seconds
Load Dashboard & Widgets
Hard Drive 16.9 seconds
SSD 3.5 seconds

As you can imagine I am quite happy with these results. (Please note that during each restart I had to enter my password, that takes me about 1.5 seconds on average.)

Originally posted for members on: July 9, 2010
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