Apple’s iPod Event – In Steve Jobs Quotes

Ok so there is no way I am going to do a full write up, instead I am going give you a few of my favorite quotes from Steve Jobs, and end with the important things (in my words).

(all quotes are my transcription of Steve Jobs from the live broadcast Apple provided)

“And here it is with people in it.”

“Activate Jiggle Mode”

“People clearly missed the buttons.”

“Instantly wearable”

“Wouldn’t be Apple without some new ads.”

“Just about to cross the 12 billion song threshold”

“Since iTunes will probably surpass the CD in sales we thought, maybe it’s time to ditch the CD in the logo.”

“A social network for music.”

“I’m a little particular.”

“Here’s Lady Gaga, who I am following.”

“We’ve got one more thing, actually one more hobby.”

“They don’t want amateur hour.”

“Remember these are commercial free too, which is nice.”

“This is by far the best implementation of Netflix too…”

“Even though we are a little more successful now…”

Some killer stuff there. The iPods are meh, for anyone who is lazy (i.e. doesn’t work out) and owns and iPhone. The iPad update looks awesome, really awesome actually. Ping stands to be a huge profit center or a colossal flop, I think it will flop – I just don’t see people caring that much (I probably am wrong). The Apple TV update is so good I am going to buy one, and at $99 it is finally priced right.

Originally posted for members on: September 1, 2010
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