The Touch Gestures in Lion Look Like a Pain

One thing that I noticed when Mac OS X Lion was being demoed yesterday was how difficult of a time the demo person was having utilizing the multi-touch gestures on the Magic Mouse. Take a look at the video from yesterday, you can clearly see that when he is trying to perform the swipe to the side to change to and from a fullscreen app he has to do it a couple of times to get that gesture to take. Not every time, just some times.

It is also important to note that this is a guy who has theoretically spent a lot of time practicing this very gesture. The demo of Lion starts around the 1 hour mark in the video and at various times you can see him struggle. Now the problem is not with the multi-touch sensors in the Magic Mouse, but with the fact that the Magic Mouse itself moves – it is made to move. Gestures are ten times easier to perform on the Magic Trackpad or just the normal MacBook Pro trackpad. On the Magic Mouse though they are not quite that easy.

Which all begs the question: if Lion is supposed to be all about more multi-touch and more iOS – why wasn’t the Magic Trackpad being used in the demo?

Originally posted for members on: October 21, 2010
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