Holiday Buyers Guide (Send Your Spouse/S.O. Here)

People always have trouble shopping for me, I never know why, seems pretty straight forward to me. Throughout the year I keep a list of things that I see that I would like, but that I don’t need. Some of the things I end up buying before Christmas (and my Birthday which is right after Christmas), but most things I don’t buy. That said if you need a gift idea for the geek in your life see if some of these ideas might help.

Note: I am providing links directly to the product page, if it is available on Amazon I will provide an affiliate link in addition to the direct link. If you want to help support the site use the affiliate link, but don’t be silly about it – if you find it cheaper elsewhere buy it there.

Software (Mac Only)

So you have a Mac user in your life and they seem to have everything, well there is always more software and here is some great software that any geek would love to have (just be sure to check if they have it first).

  • OmniFocus: the ultimate task management software.
  • Ulysses: for those writers in your life.
  • Yojimbo: for those pack rats in your life.
  • DEVONThink Pro Office: for those meticulously organized pack rats in your life.
  • 1Password: for everyone, even the non-paranoid.
  • Aperture: for the hobbyist photographer in your life.
  • Pixelmator: For the graphic designer and photo manipulators in your life.

Software (Mac & Windows)

Same rules as above apply, but this can be bought for both Mac or Windows users.


Ok now here is where we really get going.

Gift Cards

  • iTunes: If the person you are buying for has an iPhone or iPad get them an iTunes gift card. Forget buying movies or music with it, they can buy apps. I recommend: Angry Birds, Flight Control, The Incident to get them going on some great games. [Affiliate]

  • Amazon: Sometimes you get that real pain in the ass type of person to buy for, luckily for you Amazon sells gift cards and everything else in the world a real pain in the ass could want.
  • iPhone Gift Card: those things are expensive, why not team up with some other people to buy one for someone?
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