First Ever TBR Give Away

I have decided that so long as I sell one sponsorship a month I am going to give out something for free. It won’t always be new, but it will be new to who ever wins it. I also will not be giving away something that I hate – these will be items that I like.

So with that said here is the first TBR give away:

A Griffin Technology A-Frame stand for iPad.


Image from Griffin

This item is not new, but since it is made out of a solid chunk of aluminum it looks brand new. I don’t have the packaging and the item will be shipped via USPS the day after a winner is chosen.

The A-Frame is a solid stand, perhaps the most solid iPad stand I have tried thus far. I rarely use it because I have 3 other iPad stands, so it sits in a corner. It is not the best looking stand, but it does its job very well. This normally sells for $49.99 from Griffin.

Here is how you win:

  1. If you happen to tweet any link to one of the articles I write you are entered (no need to include @brooksreview or @benjaminbrooks in the link – I will find it). Only tweet something if you would normally tweet it: don’t tweet just to be entered – there are other ways. You are also entered if you tweet a blog post that links back to TBR.
  2. You can also win by emailing a short blurb about a product or service that you couldn’t live without and why. No need to write a 20-page paper – a couple quick sentences will do. This can even be things like iPhones or obscure things that have nothing to do with anything I talk about.

Once I receive 50 entries I will wait 48 hours for more entries before selecting a winner. So be sure to submit something before then to ensure you are counted. (I will let you know when I hit 50 on Twitter) Also it should go without saying the winner will be picked at random.


There are two parts to a successful site: great content and great readers. I want to thank my readers.

Originally posted for members on: December 17, 2010
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