RIP Things

I have thought a little more on the blog post by Cultured Code from yesterday and the more I think about it the more I despise it. Ignore the fact that they wrote a slightly patronizing post detailing what OTA sync is (which is funny given the demand for OTA sync you would think that Cultured Code was the one that didn’t know what it was). Ignore that OTA sync is still a few months away. Ignore everything but: the wallpaper and speed.

The Wallpaper

They have got to be kidding me with this wallpaper crap right?

Cultured Code basically offers a wallpaper as an apology — a wallpaper that looks like yet another patronizing act. Don’t be fooled by this; I have made you a better wallpaper.


You can get it here.


Do you know how long people have been wanting OTA sync for things, since July 10th 2008 (2008).

Here is what Cultured Code said about syncing upon releasing the iPhone app:

Second, syncing with the desktop version of Things is not yet possible in 1.0. Based on your feedback we decided that seamless over the air sync with the desktop version is a must.


By comparison OmniFocus for iPhone in a preview stage still had OTA sync back on June 15th, 2008.


Here’s the thing: I have written about Things versus OmniFocus a few times (here and about OTA here) — each time I basically said that both programs are great and if you don’t need OTA sync it is a real toss up. I am a huge OmniFocus fan, huge, but I have a respect for Things and think it is a great app too.

I have always said you really can’t go wrong with either app — always thinking that OTA sync was just around the corner for Things.

Until today: I think you are throwing away good money if you buy Things at this point. The development has stalled and seems hell bent on only releasing bug fixes. OTA sync should have been done over a year ago — I just can’t recommend this app anymore.

That kind of makes me sad, but spend your Holiday money on a copy of OmniFocus. As I have said before you really can get away with the iPad version only to start out with.

Originally posted for members on: December 22, 2010
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