TUAW Doesn’t Get It

Victor Agreda, Jr writing on Mac OS X Lion’s NDA:

It’s become painfully clear that Apple wants all of us to poke and prod and test and above all write, record and post about Lion.

I am assuming that they are referring to this, from Apple’s developer website:

In case you can’t read that, this is what the text reads:

“Pre-release software, including information about pre-release software, is Apple Confidential Information and is subject to the terms of your Mac Developer Program License Agreement. Unauthorized distribution or disclosure of Apple Confidential Information is prohibited.”

So I ask TUAW, what about the above statement makes it painfully clear to you that Apple wants this information disclosed?

I can tell you that if someone comes by and steals $1 from me, I am not going to report it to the Police — why? Well, because reporting a $1 theft to the cops really isn’t worth my time, nor is reporting a $100 theft — but I still don’t want anyone taking my money. Perhaps it is not that Apple wants someone to break the NDA, but that it isn’t worth their time to yank access and send out C&Ds to all these websites.

Agreda again:

So from here on we’re going to ignore the NDA like every other Mac news outlet on the internet.

Cool, because I remember when all the Verizon iPhone testers broke their NDAs and when the original iPhone testers broke their NDAs too. 1

I am not saying you shouldn’t break the NDA — I don’t care — but don’t rationalize breaking this agreement by claiming that Apple clearly wants you to break the agreement.

  1. Actually that didn’t happen.
Originally posted for members on: February 28, 2011
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