A Reason Against the White iPad 2

Reader Sam Simmons wrote in with this very smart reason why I shouldn’t get the white iPad 2:

The decision is easy for me. Do you ever watch movies/netflix on your ipad? Of course you do, everyone does.

Know those black borders you get on a TV when watching a widescreen movie?

Now imagine them in white.

That’s a damned good point and I hadn’t considered what the movie viewing experience would be with a white frame around it — likewise what viewing a slideshow would be like. I guess it comes down to how you use the iPad and for me I rarely use it for watching movies or for viewing slideshows.

For me the iPad is all about reading and most reading backgrounds are white. But that brings up another problem — Instapaper is white on black at night and that might look a bit out of sorts with a white iPad 2…

Originally posted for members on: March 4, 2011
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