I don’t think BlackBerry stands a chance to be relevant in 2012. They lack innovation, they lack strategy and they lack vision. Their history proves that they had one great idea and kept selling the same idea until — well — now, when it isn’t selling anymore. 1

Here is where BlackBerry started:

Here is BlackBerry today, with a just announced new phone:

That’s called iteration, not innovation.

That’s the crux of BlackBerry’s problem — their devices aren’t compelling in the current landscape to both the general market and to the current BlackBerry users. If your customer base can’t be compelled to update their device then why should anyone want to buy your device? The users that you have, should be the most vocal proponents of your products, not silent “it’s ok” advocates.

[Updated: 5.5.11 at 7:33 PM]

Also see Marco here.

  1. Relatively speaking.
Originally posted for members on: May 5, 2011
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