Fontcase 2.0

Bohemian Coding was kind enough to let me check out Fontcase 2.0 before it was released and all I can say about it is: “Wow”. Before Fontcase it was pretty common for me to open an InDesign document, paste in text and play with the fonts and sizes. Font Book has never been a very good app for selecting fonts, Fontcase though is fantastic for choosing fonts.

By far the best new feature is the Typesetter, once activated will display a webpage and allow you to click on a body of text and see what it would look like with another font. This will save me a ton of time when designing sites and more importantly: this will keep me at bay when wanting to tweak this sites font. Here’s Typesetter in action on TBR:

The last feature that I want to mention is the glyphs feature — it is a real pain to grab html codes for glyphs, or even to view them — Fontcase makes that process dead simple. Are these things that you could do in other apps? Certainly, but not with the ease and beauty that Fontcase gives you.

At the very least it is worth checking out the free trial — I really love the app.

Originally posted for members on: May 3, 2011
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