Some 1Password Follow-up

I kind of had a feeling that this post yesterday would ruffle some feathers, but I never shy away from posting something I feel strongly about. A lot of the responses that I received revolved around these arguments:

  1. Not using something doesn’t make you an idiot.
  2. You can make secure passwords without 1Password.
  3. Not many people use it, so is everyone and idiot?
  4. I keep nothing important online, therefore I don’t need it.

Arguments 1 and 2 are valid points. However in this case, with the pending doom from hackers, you really need to be using highly secure passwords — passwords that resemble something like: F3)NqfPD^rgdMfz9t89Du=VXEojTg. That is an average length and complexity for my passwords and I don’t know about you, but I can’t remember that password without help — and Post-It notes defeat the purpose of passwords.

Not using 1Password is a lot like using a rope with a really good knot to secure your bike instead of a bike lock. Sure a lot of people won’t bother your bike or try to untie the knot, but it is undeniable that the bike lock is far more secure. The weakest point should never be the thing that you are in control of (in the bike case you can’t control how strong your bike frame is, but you can control what you lock it with).

Argument 3 is just ridiculous, I prefer to think most just aren’t aware of tools like 1Password.

Argument 4 is the one that bugs me the most, because it is a blatant lie. If you aren’t willing to hand over your password to a random person, then that means you don’t want everyone, or anyone else, to have access to that thing (e.g. Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Tumblr). If that is the case, if you aren’t willing to hand over your password to anyone, then guess what? You should be using 1Password because you keep things on the Internet that you clearly care about.

Your email alone may not be that sensitive, but I bet it would really mess up your life if someone hacked into it and started emailing people posing as you (like emailing your spouse, telling them that you cheated, a lie — I imagine that would make you wish you had 1Password). Again, if you are on the Internet, then you keep important things, that you want secured, on the Internet — that’s the very reason we started with passwords to begin with.

Originally posted for members on: June 26, 2011
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