The HP Camry

I was actually hoping that this would be a great tablet, alas that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Joshua Topolsky:

Hardware quality feels cheap
Developer support is thin right now

Tim Stevens:

The shortage of apps is a problem, no doubt, but that will change with time. What won’t change is the hardware, and there we’re left a little disappointed.

Jason Snell:

If it can get developers engaged in its platform and iron out all the bugs while also growing webOS as a smartphone operating system, it might really have something here.

John Biggs:

Fingerprints and scratches galore. Get a case when you get the TouchPad. It needs one.
WebOS is amazing, but I worry its features aren’t being done justice with the paucity of apps.

Walt Mossberg:

But the tablet’s hardware is bulbous and heavy compared with the iPad 2 or the svelte Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, an Android tablet.

I intentionally only pulled out the parts talking about the apps for the TouchPad and the hardware of the device. The reason being: those are the two elements that make the iPad the iPad. Yes, iOS is a very nice operating system, but so is WebOS.

Let’s pull cars back into this analogy. The reason I was looking purely at third party app comments and hardware quality is because that is the difference between a Camaro and a Ferrari — both sports cars, but hardly comparable. Where as the difference between WebOS and iOS (all other things like hardware and apps being equal) is akin to the difference between a Ferrari and a Lamborghini — now the little things really matter. 1

The OS on these devices is only really going to shine when you have two really equal competitors. From the sound of it, HP made themselves a lovely Camry.

  1. Clearly the Ferrari is the choice a discerning reader would make, however someone who wants to live on the edge of losing control could make the case for the Lambo.
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