Let’s Substitute iTunes Passwords for Passcodes on iOS

Any TestFlight user will tell you that one of the greatest parts is that you can install apps without a dialog popping up asking you for a password. In fact entering my iTunes password every time I want to buy or update an app causes two problems:

  1. User annoyance.
  2. Weaker passwords.

My password is weaker because I typing long complex passwords causes two problems other:

  1. I forget them.
  2. They aren’t very easy/fast to type on iOS.

This problem is compounded when you have a device passcode set to immediately (as I do), then you go to update apps and have to type another password.

My proposal: if a user has a passcode set to activate no longer than 15 minutes of inactivity (I believe this is the current memory of the App Store for password-less purchases) then allow the user to turn on a feature where you can buy anything password-less once the device has been unlocked with the passcode.

This would eliminate the first two problems listed above:

  1. Buying/updating apps would be less annoying (fringe benefit: you sell more apps).
  2. I could make super secure iTunes passwords knowing that I wouldn’t need them to do every little update in the App Store or to buy $1.99 song.

Just a thought…

Originally posted for members on: August 8, 2011
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