As you have noticed by now there has been yet another redesign for this site. 1 When I get it in my head that I hate one aspect of the site 2 I start playing with it, what inevitably happens is that I start changing more and more things until — well — I have a new design.

I don’t really think this design needs explanation and I don’t really think it is all that “unique” — what is the biggest change is the lack of “branding” anywhere in the header of the site. Most blogs/sites you visit will have a logo of some sort at the top — identifying where you are — this site used to have that, but it’s now gone.

This has nothing to do with the design of the logo, I quite like the design of the logo — it has everything to do with the design of the site. I could go into some long, really philosophical, explanation of why I dropped the logo from TBR — but that would just be a lie.

The truth is that I dropped the logo on accident when I was designing the new site (forgot to paste back in the relevant code) and I kept designing without it. Then I realized it was missing and added it back in, hated it, and I removed it again — this time on purpose.

I just like the site without a logo weighing down the top, right or wrong, it’s really that simple.

  1. My apologies for some of the responsive/layout issues I am having this fixed. Completely my fault.
  2. This go around it was the menu.
Originally posted for members on: November 9, 2011
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