Friday Gripe: Redirections

Here’s a common scenario for me: I find an interesting article on my iPhone in Reeder/Twitter/Fever and open it in Safari, then decide I don’t have time to read it, so I send it to Instapaper.

The next time I am at my computer reading articles in Instapaper I come across that article I saved from my phone. Ah, but the web admins were clever and had redirected my iPhone to a mobile version of the article. So now when I load it up on my Mac I have to either: a) find the “full site” button, or b) try removing the m/mobile portion of the URL.

Here’s my gripe: if you are so clever that you can redirect my iPhone to a severely crippled ‘mobile’ version of your article, then why the fuck can’t you redirect Safari, on my Mac, back the — oh I don’t know — full site version of the article?


Originally posted for members on: February 17, 2012
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