You Can Sign-up, But You Can Never Leave

On March 6th I wrote:

Right now — I don’t want anything to do with Readability. I am, however, going to let things cool down before making a final decision.

Later that same day John Gruber linked to that post and said:

Like Brooks, I’ve never been comfortable with the way they collect money on behalf of publishers. And their app is nowhere near as good as Instapaper.

Once Gruber posted that I started to get a flood of comments from friends. The common theme was: “I agree with you.”

I didn’t want to make a decision that day, but as I read more and more about Readability it made me sick.

Rich Ziade of Readability reached out on Twitter asking me to ask him any questions. I took him up on it and sent this email to him:

As of this writing I still haven’t heard back, but I also used the contact link in the help section to request that be blocked from Readability and that my publisher account be deleted — you see unlike a user account there is no cancel account link.

Again, as of this writing, I still have not heard back and is still not blocked, my publisher account is also still active.

Readability states:

If you don’t want your website content to be available in Readability view, you can exclude your content from being processed by contacting us directly. We’re always happy to help.

Except I asked them to do this five days ago and not only has it not happened, but they seem to just be ignoring the request.

That seems awfully shady.

Update: Chris Dary of Arc90 responded to me on Twitter and got me opted-out. Thanks to him for that.

Originally posted for members on: March 11, 2012
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