Drafts for iOS

I posted about Drafts on Saturday when Stephen Hackett posted his review of it, but — despite having a three day old baby in the next room — I think I need to say a little more about this app. The reason? I think it is truly fantastic.


The thinking behind Drafts is that sometimes you just need a piece of paper to jot something down on, you don’t need titles or anything else, you just need to type something quick. Get in and get out.

That’s Drafts and it is excellent at this very task.

Is it niche? It sure sounds like it, but I think it is no more niche than Post-It Notes — because to me that’s what Drafts is: the realization of a digital Post-It Notes.

Pop for iOS

I want to mention a similar app: Pop and while the purpose may be the same (scratch paper), the implementation is very different. The apps are philosophically different and while Pop isn’t for me, maybe it is for you — be sure to check both out.

In my mind, if Drafts is Post-It Notes, Pop is just a sheet of paper — nothing wrong with that — so it’s worth checking that out too if you are interesting by this type of an app.


There are two things that I want more out of Drafts (and the developer knows this):

  1. A better icon. This app is in my dock, but I almost didn’t put it there because of the icon.
  2. Dropbox integration. Initially I thought Dropbox syncing, but that’s not what I want. I want Drafts to have a button that I can send the .txt file for the Draft to a folder in my Dropbox. Not every note needs to go there, but I want to be able to send one if needed.


I love it. No, I really love Drafts. Drafts has kicked Notesy off my home screen and displaced Mail from my iPhone dock. It’s easy to tell you what I love about Drafts: I can open it, be presented with a blank field in which I can type, exit the app and be done. If the next time I enter the app has been over 3 minutes, boom its another blank field to type in. That’s what I love, no organization and not naming things.

Just type and be done.

This is going to be perfect for meetings, for remembering tidbits, for drafting tweets 1, for life really. Go get it.

UPDATE: Be sure to go into the settings (in the share menu options) and change the appearance from default to something else, you can thank me later. (I prefer grayscale.)

  1. Sorry Birdhouse
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