If You Use Two Macs and Dropbox to Sync Yojimbo…

I’m a big fan of Yojimbo and have been using this tip to sync Yojimbo using Dropbox — except that I never had two Macs using Yojimbo before, so for me this was mostly just a backup solution. Now that I have two Macs I need to make sure that Yojimbo closes on one before I use it on another.

Luckily my dual Mac setup is pretty specific: one Mac at work, one at home. Therefore I know what time I will be at either Mac. So to keep away any conflicts, and to solve my poor memory issues I invoke Keyboard Maestro to do this:

KM closes Yojimbo for me Monday through Friday.

On my Mac at home I set it to close Yojimbo at 8a M-F.

Originally posted for members on: June 29, 2012
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