About Switching to Verizon

A lot of people have written in wondering how my move to Verizon went: It was the easiest thing in the world. 1

To follow up:

  • I haven’t noticed the lack of simultaneous data, as I figured I would rarely notice it.
  • I have yet to not have LTE coverage in the areas I have roamed around in.
  • The family plan thing was a piece of cake.

Here’s how I made the switch: I ordered the phone on Apple’s website, told the Apple website I wanted to port my AT&T number to a Verizon phone. The Verizon phone showed up, I set it up and within a minute my AT&T iPhone was not active and my number was on Verizon. I was the primary account holder on the AT&T family plan, no problems with that, as AT&T just moved another line to the primary spot.

The only word of warning I would give, something I didn’t think about, is that you lose your voicemails. I had to setup the Verizon voicemail, so it was a little unnerving to lose my other ones — but not a big deal. (You also have to re-record your voicemail greeting — I mean what a pain.)

That’s it, fast and painless.

  1. That’s probably an exaggeration.
Originally posted for members on: September 24, 2012
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