Check the Weather

David Smith has produced the first, to my knowledge, iOS weather app that uses the Dark Sky API to get short-term precipitation forecasts. 1 Smith gave me an advance copy last week to play with it before it launched.

Here’s my take on the app: it’s good, solid, but it is not my favorite. Right now I use a combination of Apple’s weather app and Dark Sky — both do specific things very well and both I find to be gorgeous looking. Check the Weather is lovely looking and combines both of these apps. So if I was looking for one app to do it all, Check the Weather would be it, no question.

In fact, check the weather is far superior to Apple’s weather app, which I really like.

I’ve, in fact, been torn between these two apps all week long. I personally think I will be switching to Check the Weather, but haven’t been able to bring myself to do it just yet. The sole reason: Apple’s Weather offering is just a bit sexier looking and thats drawing me in too much right now. 2

However, if you want one app to rule them all, Check the Weather is it right now and it is only $2.99.

  1. Outside of Dark Sky itself.
  2. This is not to imply that the design of Check the Weather is poor, it is very nice looking.
Originally posted for members on: October 17, 2012
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