In the most recent issue of The Magazine, Harry Marks makes the case that self-publishing is not always a good thing for writers who want to be good writers. It’s a fantastic read. Prior to reading this article I had been working (very slowly) on a book of my own, a guide to Keyboard Maestro.

It’s been on going for what seems like months, but probably is closer to weeks. My motivation to write this book has been in the toilet lately.


I had no clue until I read Marks’ piece, but now I know: writing an iBooks book on my own turned into less about writing and more about layout, software, and editing. I hate the process. I just want a way to take all the words, Markdown formatted, from Ulysses to published. It turns out that this is a bigger pain in the ass than actually learning Keyboard Maestro.

So I’ve decided to stop writing the book.

I’m not interested in writing when it’s not about the writing. iBooks Author is neat, but I don’t want to learn it — instead I’ll just “publish” the book here as a series of posts, where I know what I am doing (somewhat) and where writing is about writing and not layout, marketing, legal issues, notices, copyrights, glossaries, etc.

I thought a book would be a fun way to cull all I know about Keyboard Maestro together, while making a few extra bucks, instead it turned into a chore that I loathed doing. There will only be a couple of chapters before I start detailing the how and why of each of the macros that I have come to rely on.

I initially chose the book format because I didn’t want to overwhelm those of you that don’t care about Keyboard Maestro. However, I think that the first two chapters are worth reading for everyone — so that you can then decide if you care about Keyboard Maestro or not.

My honest goal is to not only convince you to use Keyboard Maestro, but to show you how to use Keyboard Maestro to make your life a whole hell of a lot more fluid.

Stay tuned…

Originally posted for members on: November 12, 2012
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