‘Bond Watch’

Thomas Brand has a great post about his watch, an Omega, that is (in his own words) the nicest thing he owns:

With the exception of my computers, I own very little in the line of luxury. I do not own a car, my TV has always been small, my home is just an apartment on a busy street. I bought my Bond Watch because it is the best I could afford, and hope it lasts long enough to pass onto a future generation.

It seems that more and more people aren’t wearing watches. I always have, and I think you should too. The Omega that Brand is talking about is a great watch, but currently out of my price range.

A really good watch — like anything else — is something that you really enjoy wearing. I currently wear this Tissot everyday and really like it. (Though I think I may want to get the bracelet for mine instead of the leather band.) When it comes to watches, do yourself the courtesy of buying a nice automatic watch so that watch batteries are something you never have to deal with. The added bonus to an automatic is that if you don’t wear it, it stops ticking 1 , so you have sufficient encouragement to always wear your watch. I feel naked without my watch.

In case you are wondering: I use my watch to tell the time and date. 2

  1. Meaning you have to set the time and wind the watch to jumpstart it, not meaning it stops working all together.
  2. I know, revolutionary.
Originally posted for members on: November 21, 2012
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