Keyboard Maestro Macro: All Caps to Title Case

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I really hate websites that capitalize every letter of an authors name in their byline because it makes it hard to link to that post — mostly because I like to copy and paste names so that I make sure I don’t make a typo.

Luckily with names, for the most part, a simple Title Case will fix the problem. This is an action that can be done very simply in Keyboard Maestro.

The result of this macro is to take the highlighted text and convert it from all caps to Title Case, so that I can post a link citing the author without worrying about misspelling a name.

The Macro

I start by triggering the macro with a hot key, specifically the hot key: Control + OPT + Shift + CMD + T. (Easy to remember as every modifier except FN is pressed, then T for Title Case.)

The macro assumes that you have the editable text selected, so you will need to have already copied and pasted your text where you want it. (I made it this way so that I could use it universally, as many leases I work on also suffer this problem.)

The finished macro.

Next Keyboard Maestro performs four actions:

  1. The selected text is copied to the clipboard using the action: Type the CMD+C keystroke.
  2. Next Keyboard Maestro filters the clipboard to all lowercase (this is done because the Title case action won’t change the case of all capitalized words). To get this action, just add the Filter Clipboard action and select lowercase.
  3. Add the same action again, but this time filter to Title Case.
  4. Like the copy action above, we change it to paste by sending the keystroke CMD+V.

All done.

If everything works your all caps text should now be properly cased. This also works for titles of blog posts, as it will remove your poor casing and re-case the words as they should be (just be sure to edit for proper names and such).


One change makes it useful for legal documents.

I mentioned that I often use this in leases at my day job, another thing that comes up is people liking to type in all caps for emphasis. I find it ridiculous, and impossible to read, so I have another macro to re-case those stupid sentences to Sentence Case.

The steps are the exact same, just choose Sentence Case instead of Title Case in the third step.

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