Keyboard Maestro 6

People, today we have Keyboard Maestro 6 and oh baby is it awesome. A few new features that are killer:

  • Safari Actions to grab the URL and Title. I had a ton of actions that grabbed this data by using a slew of different methods, but I just went through and changed them to the new actions to speed up the flow.
  • There’s a new trigger that is based off of your wireless network. This is amazing. I have an entire set of macros that I want to run when I get to the office and when I get home from the office. Previously the only way I triggered these was by time, but that doesn’t work when I leave early or stay at work late. Now I can just trigger macros when I actually get to the office which is amazing.
  • The ability to write your own action was added too, and I’d love to see app developers take advantage of this by adding custom actions for their apps in Keyboard Maestro. I’m looking at you OmniFocus.

There’s also a new icon (about time right?) and it looks fantastic.

One more nerdy addition: %|%. Using that text token you can set where your cursor will be after an action is run. Why is this cool? Well I use Keyboard Maestro to create Markdown and HTML links all the time and this will allow me to have a macro that formats everything so I can type in the linked text last without having to touch the mouse — a really nice addition that will keep me in the writing mode instead of forcing me to move my hand to the trackpad.

Keyboard Maestro 6 is $36, or $18 for an upgrade (until 7/31) — it’s a must buy in my book.

Originally posted for members on: May 21, 2013
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