Marco Arment:

This is Verizon we’re talking about. They might “save” us from some of AT&T’s problems, but they’ll bring their own.


There would almost definitely be a Verizon Wireless logo somewhere on the iPhone’s case, probably on both the front and back. There may be separate Verizon music, video, and app store icons that you can’t delete. At least one major feature may be disabled at Verizon’s request — say, turn-by-turn navigation — because they want to sell you their own version for an additional monthly fee. Verizon may want a cut of any iTunes or App Store revenue from on-device purchases, the cost of which Apple would probably happily pass along to either users or developers. (My guess: Developers.)

Verizon has never been a better choice, so it has always confused me as to why people are so gung ho about it. I have the Verizon Mi-Fi and when it gets reception it is great, but AT&T has far better speed and reception – on my iPhone.

Posted by Ben Brooks