Dan Lyons has been around a while, and by all accounts is a well respected journalist. He made his fame with Mac users when he started the Fake Steve Jobs blog. I read this article hoping to get a well balanced viewpoint from a respected writer. Instead I had to listen to a toddler crying because he wanted ice cream no broccoli.

A couple of examples:

It also will support Flash, something Apple refuses to do, mostly out of spite.

That is just dead wrong, Steve Jobs posted an open letter explaining in detail why they won’t allow it. Flash on the iPhone has nothing to do with spite and unless you are a flash developer is the single dumbest reason to switch phones.

Froyo also will let you buy songs over the air and download them directly to your phone. It will also stream songs from your music library to your phone. I don’t really use my phone as a music player that much, but still, it’s impressive that Google has this feature and Apple still doesn’t.

Again he is switching because of a feature he will never use.

I’m assuming that Apple could have done this already, but chose not to. Who knows why? Maybe they want to keep people locked into their old way of doing things. Or maybe because they were a market leader with no real competition and just got lazy.

Where is the basis for this comment? This is pathetic.

We’ve seen this movie before. In the 1980s, Apple jumped out to an early lead in personal computers, but then got selfish. Steve Jobs, a notorious control freak, just could not play well with others.

Along came Microsoft, with Windows, which was a knockoff of Apple’s operating system. Microsoft partnered with everyone and today has 90 percent market share, while Apple’s share lingers in the single digits.

Now I get it, you want to use Windows from day one, only to realize later that you hitched your wagon to a shitty platform? (no offense to Google here and the Android team, who probably use Macs, I am just saying that comparing Android to Windows is a shit-tastic reason to switch)

He’s created his own advertising platform, and stacked the deck in his favor by refusing to share user data with other platforms. On that one he’ll take a 40 percent slice, thank you very much.

So has Google.

As sick as I am of my iPhone’s dropped calls, I’m even more sick of Apple treating us all like a bunch of idiots, stonewalling and bullying and feeding us ridiculous explanations for the shortcomings of its products—expecting us to believe, basically, that its flaws are not flaws, but strengths.

This paragraph made me hopeful that just maybe he was going to point to the real issue of dropped calls which piss me off too, but no just more whining.

I have lost all respect for Dan Lyons, this is another cheap move to maintain his relevance. He keeps writing the Fake Steve Jobs blog even though everyone knows who he is, just like Griffey keeps playing baseball this season with the Mariners while only batting .191 – I say to you both Lyons & Griffey: Time to retire.

Posted by Ben Brooks