Pete Cashmore:

I find Zuckerberg’s private response far more impressive than this public one. His private e-mail to Robert Scoble, reprinted with Zuckerberg’s permission, included honest phrasing like “we’ve made a bunch of mistakes” and ” I want to make sure we get this stuff right this time.” Those concessions to critics verge upon being a mea culpa, even if they stop short of a direct apology. The Washington Post piece is much less direct: No doubt vetted by multiple members of the Facebook team, it almost seems to blame the users for being unable to work their privacy controls.

Taking a few weeks to make these changes is simply not fast enough. Zuckerberg is complacent right now, he knows that not all their users are happy, but in my opinion he doesn’t think this is at critical mass yet. It is at critical mass and changes need to be made this week.

Posted by Ben Brooks