Nokia Moving Towards Services

Tarmo Virki:

“We support management in this,” Jorma Ollila said in a speech to shareholders on Thursday.

Nokia has started to build a new business by offering Internet services ranging from music downloads to e-mail, but these have gained little traction so far.

Wait so the #1 cellphone company is moving from making cellphones to offering Internet, Music and Email. So let me rephrase this.

Nokia is struggling to compete with Apple on the smartphone market, instead they will start selling music downloads. This will put them in competition with Apple. Wait.

Nokia is struggling to sell phones, so they will now try to sell Internet. Do they even have an infrastructure to do this?

Nokia is struggling to sell cellphones, especially now the Google and Apple are competing with them. Instead they will try selling email services, putting them in competition with Googles little known email service: Gmail.