The fate of a generation of workers: Foxconn undercover fully translated

Richard Lai:

They often dream, but also repeatedly tearing apart their dreams, like a miserable painter who keeps tearing up his or her drafts, “if we keep working like this, we might as well quit dreaming for the rest of our lives.” They manufacture the world’s top electronic products, yet gathering their own fortune at the slowest possible pace. The office’s guest network account has a password that ends with “888” — like many businessmen, they love this number, and they worship its phonetic equivalence [“rich”]. Little did they know that it’s their own hands protecting the country’s “8,” yet their overtime hours, lottery tickets, and even horse racing bets, struggle to find the “8” that belongs to themselves.

This is an amazing story, this is a great look at the company that makes all the worlds gadgets. Humbling.