Marco Arment:

If you currently block ads, is there anything the ads themselves can improve that would make you change your mind? (I’m guessing there isn’t.)

Even the best ads are still ads, and still aren’t always appropriate or wanted. I don’t think smarter ads are the solution to this problem. I don’t think ads are the solution to this problem. What if more ad-supported sites and services offered paid no-ads subscriptions?

It is worth clicking through to read his whole post. The gist of which is that no matter what advertisers do you are not going to click on the ad. And no matter what blogs do you probably are not going to pay to support them. I think perhaps the best model is to look at the Daring Fireball’s monetization model. Charging to support the RSS feed, adding in lovely ads and finishing off with T-Shirt sales. Now not every blogger can do this, but it is a great model for John Gruber.

Posted by Ben Brooks