Stacey Higginbotham:

But even with the 2GB plan and $10-per-GB overages a video habit over the 3G network is going to cost you, and possibly make you think twice about that download — or upload. That is exactly what AT&T wants — and why it changed its pricing plans for new subscribers as of yesterday.

I disagree with this statement, first I don’t think AT&T knew the video calling was coming. Second it is still Wi-Fi only so they are not going to make any extra money off of it. Third, I think AT&T is genuinely trying to show its Customers and Apple that it can handle the iPhone traffic so that they have more room for negotiation of extended exclusivity. This is all about limiting traffic for AT&T not about money, if it was about money they would still offer the unlimited data plan for $50 or more dollars a month.

Posted by Ben Brooks