John Gruber:

Curiously, Consumer Reports’s list of “Recommended” smartphones includes all of the smartphones suffering from “holding it wrong” attenuation I’ve linked to tonight (Palm Pre, HTC Incredible, Nexus One, BlackBerry 9650) as well as three of the phones Apple posted videos about (iPhone 3GS, Droid Eris, BlackBerry 9700). I’d link directly to Consumer Reports’s web page for this list, but can’t, because it’s behind a paywall that their coverage of the iPhone 4 antenna is not. I’m sure they’ve been performing the exact same attenuation testing with all of these phones that they have with the iPhone 4, and that they have published precise technical standards regarding how much attenuation is acceptable to still qualify for a “Recommended” rating.

Consumer Reports is bullshit and if you are looking at them for recommendations then you are never going to have the best current phone, only the best phone from last year. I saw Gruber’s links flying in yesterday about all the other smartphones that have attenuation when held and that even some say not to hold the phones in a certain way – this is a great wrap up of this whole iPhone 4 antenna B.S.. I was asked five times this weekend about the antenna on my iPhone – I told each person I never had a problem. These people didn’t even know what the problem was, just that there is a recall – people are so mis-informed on the matter that it hurts my brain trying to comprehend the blind sheep following each other mentality.

Posted by Ben Brooks