Hybrids are not the Future

Everyday I spend an hour and a half driving to and from work, as you can imagine I see a lot of cars and think a lot about what I drive. I have a gas guzzling Range Rover, and I see a ton of hybrid cars on my drive each day. This morning that got me to thinking about how big a failure hybrid cars have been.

They are not overly expensive to buy (often only $3,000 over the price of the same non-hybrid model car) yet they have only taken off among the ‘status conscious’ individuals – those that care about what people think of them. And why is that?

Perhaps it is because they are more expensive to own in the long run – taking about 12 years to break even. More than that though, they truly are not that impressive. Nor are fully electric cars such as Tesla’s cars. No hybrid cars are not the future, they are a stepping stone.

The future of cars has yet to be invented.