I Can No Longer Recommend the DODO Case for iPad

I was pumped when I got my first DODO Case for my iPad – it was awesome, beautiful and looked like my Moleskin notebooks, a perfect case. The other day I saw this post about DODO talking about what a wild success they have been, and it got me to thinking about how much I have grown to hate that case.

DODO Case #1

The first DODO case I got warped after sitting on my desk for just one weekend. (see picture 1 and picture 2) It took me two and a half weeks to get a new case from DODO (free replacement) and I returned the warped case. I don’t know why the case warped – though I suspect that the wood may have been too ‘green’ (meaning it was not fully dried) and that is what caused the warping. This is most likely do to trying to ship the product as fast as they can and really does not reflect on the quality of the manufacturing.

DODO Case #2

The second DODO case arrived and I watched it very closely to make sure that it was not warping. To date it has not warped, but last week marked the last week that I would have a DODO case to use for my iPad.

One month ago I dropped my DODO case (with my iPad in it) on to the ground. The case landed on the corner, on office carpet from a distance of about 3 feet. I scrambled to pick it up and checked my iPad out – all was OK and the iPad was sufficiently protected.

Fast-forward about three days and I am starting to notice that the iPad is not fitting as secure in the case as it did when I got it. The same symptoms the case exhibited when it was warped – I checked the case for warping and noted none. I did however see that the wood that holds the iPad in place was cracked in the corner that I dropped it.(picture 1 and picture 2 of cracking)

Some super glue later and the crack was repaired – it wasn’t pretty but the iPad was secure once again. Last week sitting on my couch I noticed a chuck of wood fall from the case. It was a chunk that broke off in a completely different corner, and the glue had broken free. Marking the death of the DODO case for my iPad.

Bottom Lining It

The DODO case is a beautiful case for the $60 that it costs you. I would still be using it today if it could hold up – but in less than a couple of month’s time it has completely fallen apart. This is a shame as the case is really great, perhaps more of a shame is the fact that I don’t even want to bother trying to get a new one from the company – the customer service was poor the last time and I frankly don’t want to use this case any longer.

On to the next one…


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